Times of India covers Antiguan Police report into Mehul Choksi’s kidnapping

Writing following the discontinuation of proceedings against Mr Choksi by Dominican authorities, the Times of India has published an article detailing a preliminary police report from Antiguan police supporting Mr Choksi’s account of his kidnapping.

The article goes into detail on many of the points raised in the police report, including the names of the alleged kidnappers, and notes the graphic details of the attack on Mr Choksi both on land and at sea.

The article further states that the Antiguan police recommended support from Interpol to bring the conspirators to justice. A comment from Mr Choksi’s spokesperson is included in the article:

“Mr. Choksi was forcibly removed from Antigua against his will by agents of the Indian State, viciously assaulted, and taken to Dominica by boat, where he was again unlawfully handed over to authorities for an offence he never committed. Mr. Choksi’s legal team continue to pursue all avenues for justice to redress the human rights violations committed against him. Mr. Choksi hopes that those responsible for his kidnapping from Antigua on May 23rd 2021 will be brought to justice”.

The full article may be viewed here.