The Guardian reports on Mr Choksi’s kidnapping

Following the publication of a judgment in Antigua and Barbuda in March 2023, preventing the Attorney General and Chief of Police striking out Mehul Choksi’s claim seeking a full and effective investigation into his abduction and rendition to Dominica, as well as other remedies.

The Guardian article, here, details the “inhuman or degrading treatment” that Mr Choksi faced during his abduction, including his being attacked with a stun gun, beaten, threatened with a knife and that he was gagged, forced into a wheelchair and tied to its frame, and a mask was placed over his head.

The article also references the Police Report of Antigua and Barbuda’s police force, which states that a “plethora of real and circumstantial evidence makes it clear that a case of kidnapping with broad collusion among multiple conspirators exist”.

Two of Mr Choksi’s representatives are quoted in the article, as follows:

The British barrister Michael Polak, the director of Justice Abroad, which is representing Choksi, said: “The evidence that Mr Choksi was kidnapped from Antigua and tortured during his unlawful rendition to Dominica is clear. It has been a long road to get to this point, and we continue to fight to secure justice for Mr Choksi.”

Oliver Laurence, the managing partner of I-OnAsia, which is leading investigations into Choksi’s alleged kidnapping on behalf of his family, said a dossier of material gathered over the last year had been handed to the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan police.

“We have spoken to several key witnesses who have bravely come forward to give us information which has led us to where we are today,” he said. “We have examined everything, from flight manifests to hotel documents, which has painted a disturbing picture.”