The Daily Mail details those allegedly involved in Mr Choksi’s kidnapping

The Daily Mail article, here, details the alleged plot to kidnap Mr Choksi, as outlined in legal pleadings in Antigua & Barbuda prepared by Edward Fitzgerald KC. The article notes that the majority of those allegedly involved in the kidnapping are UK residents with one of them a St Kittian diplomat, and notes that the kidnapping was organised “at the behest of the Indian state”.

The article also notes that after Mr Choksi was kidnapped, it is alleged that he was “bundled onto [a] boat, tied into a wheelchair” where two of the kidnappers claimed to be “‘’agents’ of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)” and “threatened him [Mr Choksi] at knifepoint”. 

The article also notes that, when removing Mr Choksi’s Interpol Red Notice, “Interpol has said it was a ‘credible possibility’ that his abduction ‘had the ultimate purpose of deporting the applicant to India’”.

One of Mr Choksi’s legal representatives is quoted in the article as follows: 

Michael Polak, of Justice Abroad, told the Mail: “The NCA must investigate and prosecute all the individuals named in proceedings. To fail to do so would allow Britain to be a haven for those accused of international criminal activity, encouraging state-sponsored kidnapping and murder.”