Mehul Choksi interviewed by Business Standard

In an hour-long Zoom interview, Mr Choksi spoke to Indian publication Business Standard regarding the political charges against him in India, as well as the kidnapping attempt against him in Antigua.

Despite his poor health, Mr Choksi stated his intention to fight the charges brought against him in order to clear his name, saying “I really want to come to India once my health improves”. However, he questioned why India was unwilling to discuss the case with him over Zoom, or to send people to speak to him in Antigua.

Mr Choksi highlighted his extensive record in business, as well as noting the issues in the Punjab National Bank’s internal processes. Mr Choksi highlighted his companies’ adherence to policies and contrasted this to the publicly known issues with PNB’s internal information flows.

Of his companies securing loans, Mr Choksi stated: “There was a concurrent auditor sitting in the branch. There was a regional audit. There was a branch manager. There was a foreign exchange branch involved. Every three months, a statutory auditor came to us, came to the bank. There was a Reserve Bank of India inspection, and even the RBI put this whole case against PNB that its information flow was not proper or correct”.

Regarding his alleged debt, Mr Choksi noted that the assets held by his company at the time of its seizure by the Government “are far more than what is payable”, and stated that “the very big mess is being created by mishandling this case” by the Government.

The full article may be viewed here.