Mehul Choksi announced as The Sun’s person of the year

Mr Choksi was today announced as The Sun’s ‘Person of the Year’ due to the impact his kidnapping had on Dominica’s news cycle.

Mr Choksi’s Antiguan lawyer, Justin Simon, is quoted in the article as stating:

“So they’re looking at it almost on the very same basis as a war crime, and clearly a based upon the investigations, if they think that Antigua and Dominica, or either of them, were involved, then clearly, that is going to have some (serious implications)”.

“A proven fact it is not because it is really just Choksi’s word, but the circumstances are very strange. How are the police in Dominica able to know exactly where Choksi is going to be landing . . . Did he swim to come to Dominica from Antigua? He must have come by some boat. So where is the boat? Where is the Yacht? And if you’re going to be charging the man with illegal entry, how did he illegally enter the country, who facilitated it, why haven’t you picked up those persons? Add to that the situation that they had him there, secretly at the police station in Roseau, prevented the man from getting medical attention when it was clear from the man’s face and his body that he was bruised and battered, and you refuse him to see a lawyer . . . So when you add all of these things together, it’s clear that something is amiss.”

The full article may be viewed here.