Leading Barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC hired by Mehul Choksi

The Times of India has today covered Mr Choksi’s retention of leading British extradition barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC to contest the proceedings seeking to return him to India.

Mr Fitzgerald QC has extensive experience representing a number of high profile individuals in politically charged cases. He is recognised for his expertise by legal directories, achieving leading rankings in both Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500.

Mr Fitzgerald QC commented on Mr Choksi’s case against India:

“The Choksi case involves the most disturbing exercise of powers of rendition. It is his case that he was seized in Antigua, beaten, kidnapped and taken to Dominica, with a view to rendition to India for trial there. Who exactly is responsible and in what way will have to be decided at the extradition hearing. If these allegations are shown to be true, then the kidnap of a former Indian citizen from an independent sovereign state, the beating of that citizen, and the attempt to render him to India whilst proceedings were ongoing in Antigua is a matter of the gravest concern for anyone who cares about the rule of law.”

The full article may be viewed here.