Caribbean and Indian Media cover Interpol Red Notices against alleged kidnappers

Multiple publications have covered the news that Antiguan police have sought, and secured, international arrest warrants and Interpol Red Notices against three of the individuals alleged to have been involved in the kidnapping of Mehul Choksi on 23 May 2021.

Antigua Breaking News, here, covered the filing of the warrants, noting that the “Red Notices were approved (by a magistrate of the country) and issued (by Interpol).”

The article further discusses the false allegations propagated by Kenneth Rijock and the Indian media relating to alleged bribery of Antiguan officials, highlighting Mr Rijock’s prior US conviction and prison sentence as well as referencing “several libel cases against him”.

The news has also been covered in some smaller Indian media outlets, such as in the OrissaPost and NagalandPost. Mainstream national Indian media outlets have not covered this news, nor the news that the Antiguan authorities have dismissed the allegations in Mr Rijock’s blog post as entirely false.