Antiguan Police issue denial of bribery allegations

The Antiguan Police Commissioner has issued a statement denying claims of bribery made by convicted money launderer Kenneth Rijock on his blog. Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney has categorically denied all claims of misconduct in investigations involving Mr Choksi, heavily criticising the publishing of such allegations without any evidence.

Mr Rijock is a disbarred US attorney who received a prison sentence for defrauding the IRS and racketeering in 1990. He has falsely claimed that the Antiguan police and judiciary were bribed by Mr Choksi to delay his extradition to India.

Refuting these allegations, Mr. Rodney made clear that the Antigua Police has neither the interest, nor the power, to influence Mr Choksi’s extradition. He further stated:

“The entire blog is false with inadequate or no research of the facts and has a malicious purpose and ought not to have been posted.”

Mr. Rodney also provided an update on the case involving Mr. Choksi, stating that the Interpol has issued a Red Notice against three foreign persons, who are suspected to have been involved in Mr. Choksi’s kidnapping.

The articles may be viewed here, and here.

Mr Choksi has ongoing legal proceedings against the Antiguan authorities seeking an effective inquiry into the grave human rights breaches, including kidnapping and torture, that he suffered in May 2021.

Mr Choksi’s legal team has also written to the Antiguan High Court denying the allegations of Mr Rijock, and the letter can be seen here.