Antigua Observer discusses developments in Mehul Choksi’s kidnapping case

The article states that on 26 December 2022, Antiguan Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney informed the people that investigations are continuing into the kidnapping of Mehul Choksi.

Notably, the article stated that Antiguan Police are working with other law enforcement agencies “both within the region and on the international level”, in line with recommendations made in the initial Antiguan Police Report.

Highlighting the international nature of Mr Choksi’s kidnapping, Mr Rodney is reported as stating:

“Even from some of the allegations [Choksi] made, some of the suspects are not Antiguans and not in Antigua but whatever evidence we can gather from the Antigua point of view, we will continue to pursue that”.

Mr Choksi continues to fight to secure justice for his kidnapping.

The full article may be viewed here.