Mehul Choksi is a retired diamantaire, based in Antigua and Barbuda and holding Antiguan citizenship.


Mr Choksi has a long history of managing successful businesses, and retired to Antigua in 2018 for health reasons.

Mehul Choksi is accused by the Indian state of numerous crimes relating to an alleged $850m fraud. Mr Choksi denies all of these allegations, which are politically motivated in an attempt to expropriate his extensive assets held in India. Should he return to India, he believes that he would not receive a fair trial due to the political pressure placed on branches of the Indian state by the ruling party. Mr Choksi has not been found guilty of any crimes.

On 23 May 2021, Mr Choksi was attacked by a gang of six to eight individuals in a property in Jolly Harbor, Antigua, choked, beaten, tasered, blindfolded, gagged and strapped to a wheelchair with a hood placed over his head. He was taken by boat to Dominican waters and was threatened with a knife and tortured while in transit by individuals claiming to be agents of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). He was then handed to a Dominican coastguard vessel and brought on to the island at Cabrits Ferry terminal.

After being held without medical attention for his injuries and long-standing health conditions and denied access to legal counsel for three days, Mr Choksi was eventually charged with illegal entry into Dominica. Witness testimony was filed in this case falsely claiming both that he arrived in Dominica in Toucari Bay and was found destroying documents.

Mr Choksi was granted bail in Dominica for medical reasons in July 2021 and returned to Antigua for treatment. In May 2022, Dominica dropped the illegal entry charges against Mr Choksi, an admission that Mr Choksi did not illegally enter the country of his own volition.

Mr Choksi is bringing legal proceedings against Antiguan authorities to seek a full and proper investigation into the circumstances around his kidnapping and torture. Initial Antiguan police reports into the matter found that “evidence makes it clear that a case of kidnapping with broad collusion among multiple conspirators exists”, as well as identifying individuals to be investigated further. Antiguan Police have announced the filing of three Interpol Red Notices against the alleged kidnappers. It has now been over a year and a half since Mr Choksi’s kidnapping, and he continues to fight to secure justice.

Mr Choksi is also fighting extradition proceedings against him in Antigua and Barbuda, and believes that his kidnapping was undertaken to prevent him from exercising his legal rights as an Antiguan citizen in challenging the ongoing extradition proceedings by removing him from the country and unlawfully taking him to India. He remains concerned that further attempts to illegally kidnap or harm him could be made to circumvent the legal process.

Media coverage around Mr Choksi’s cases, both in India and the Caribbean, is remarkably sensationalist and includes numerous false allegations and insinuations against Mr Choksi and his family. In the Caribbean in particular there are numerous outlets that seek to push false information relating to his activities in Antigua based on unnamed and non-existent sources. Mr Choksi believes that these have been published to undermine the investigations into his kidnapping by law enforcement to pervert the course of justice.



The Daily Mail details those allegedly involved in Mr Choksi’s kidnapping

The Daily Mail article, here, details the alleged plot to kidnap Mr Choksi, as outlined in legal pleadings in Antigua & Barbuda prepared by Edward Fitzgerald KC. The article notes that the majority of those allegedly involved in the kidnapping are UK residents with one of them a St Kittian diplomat, and notes that the…


Loftus Durand interviews Mr Choksi’s representatives

On Saturday 6 May, Dominican radio host Loftus Durand interviewed Oliver Laurence, Managing Partner of I-OnAsia, and Michael Polak, Director of Justice Abroad, regarding their work investigating Mehul Choksi’s disappearance.


The Guardian reports on Mr Choksi’s kidnapping

Following the publication of a judgment in Antigua and Barbuda in March 2023, preventing the Attorney General and Chief of Police striking out Mehul Choksi’s claim seeking a full and effective investigation into his abduction and rendition to Dominica, as well as other remedies. The Guardian article, here, details the “inhuman or degrading treatment” that…


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